Eristoff – Night Moves

Director – Martina Piazza

DOP – Sander Vandenbroucke

Series Producer

Eristoff x Boiler room

Series producer of the  Night Moves, Boiler Room's mini-documentary series built to highlight Europe's most progressive underground dance scenes in collaboration with Eristoff.

I was leading on the development of the stories alongside the director and on the delivery of the series ensuring both brand and client expectations were met.

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Produttore della serie di Night Moves, la serie di mini-documentari di Boiler Room creata per mettere in evidenza le scene di danza underground più progressiste d'Europa, in collaborazione con Eristoff.

Ho guisato lo sviluppo delle storie insieme al regista e la consegna della serie assicurandomi che le aspettative del marchio e dei clienti fossero soddisfatte.

This film is a portrait of the afro-house scene in Belgium.

In this episode, we are meeting dancers Bruce and Swagga in Belgium. Together with the Afriquya community, they express their love for Afro-house through dance, influenced by New York and their Congolese roots.

In this episode, the spotlight turns to Paris. Meet dancers Leo Vigorous & Link Berthomieux as they were lyrical on their love for their craft, finding a sanctuary in open community space The 104, and the influence of Parisian architecture.